Netsa Lemma holds degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology. As she developed as an artist, Netsa found her unique style as an abstract figurative painter. She uses oil on canvas for her post-abstract realism works which are figurative but coupled with abstract elements.

Netsa uses mainly shapes but also colours, line combinations, textures and objects to give character and colour to her expressions of feelings and thoughts.  

Her dual cultural background is evident in her work: the bold colours inspired by her African heritage and the sharp industrial lines by the years she spent in the USA. "My work is a unique blend of who I am, who I am struggling to become and my observation of the world around me", the artist proclaims. "Certainly, I am an African woman; as a result my work is influenced by a sensibility, yet affected and enriched by my time spent in the USA."

Netsa views the act of painting as a "birthing process" and completely immerses herself in the act of creating. "Once the product is produced I am free to move on to another dimension, no longer burdened by that subject as it is now outside me", the artist states. "Of course, the birthing process is very personal to me, but the end product is not." She regards each finished painting as a gift to the individuals who view it. "I trust that each of my works will communicate with the conscious and subconscious mind of the observer. It is my small contribution to life," she observes. Not only is her work a labour of love, but also a method of healing inside and outside of herself.

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